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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I promote any company with this system?

Yes you can promote any other company you are promoting, as well as connect and promote to the core companies this system is aligned with.

Is this system available outside of the United States

Yes this is a globally accessible system. Not all of the core companies are global but several are.

Is there any "done for you" options?

We have several 100% "done for you" options, complete with advertising co-op's that drive traffic into your system which is then followed up with by our live call center and AI powered automation.

How fast can I start making money?

We typically see new members start to make money within the first 30 to 90 days, but it depends on several factors including getting connected to as many of the streams of income available.

How long has Prosperity Highway Global been in business?

The founders of this group have been collectively putting the software and tools together for over 15 years and launched our version 1.0 of the PHG Hub in 2022 and recently launched version 2.0 and are currently pushing out version 3.0 by Summer 2024.

Can I do anything now to really start making money quickly?

we have several positions available in our virtual call / communications center that pay great now money and help you really build the long term residual wow money.